Day 22: I’ve made it to the half way point! (Weigh In #3)

Here I am, the start of week 4, day 22 -I’ve reached the halfway point. Another unexpected good loss this week has kept my spirits high.

Another 6lbs has brought my total to 1st 5lbs (19lbs/ 8.6kg) which means I’m on track for 3 stone in 6 weeks.

This halfway point means that I get to start doing something that is really close to my heart – statistics!! Hold on to your hats and get ready for some numbers!

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Club 10

My initial goal is losing 10% of my starting body weight (what Slimming World call Club 10) – I’m halfway there, I’m 54% of my way to this goal or another way of looking at this is I’ve lost over 5% of my start weight.

Predicted Date: 2th August ’18

Interim Goals 1 – 4

I have set four interim goals, all of which mean something to me:

Goal 1: 21st 5lbs – 37lbs to go (34% complete)
21st 5lbs in pounds is 299lbs. I haven’t been under 300lbs for as long as I can remember.

Predicted Date: 24th August ’18

Goal 2: 19st 13½lbs – 57lbs to go (25% complete)
Similar to goal 1, it’s been even longer since I was under 20 stone, so that’s my second goal.

Predicted Date: 14th September ’18

Goal 3: 17st 12lbs – 86lbs to go (18% complete)
I’m now entering the realm of I’ve only ever been this weight on my way up. The rest of the goals are just nicely spaced interim goals to have something to aim for before my final target.

Predicted Date: 16th October ’18

Goal 4: 14st 13lbs – 127lbs to go (13% complete)
As above, I have never been this weight, ever, other than when gaining weight. Even when I was a young child I don’t particularly remember being this light.

Predicted Date: 22th January ’19

Final Goal

Final Weight: 11st 5lbs – 177lbs to go (10% complete)

This is the weight I remember everyone being when I was in school. To be perfectly honest we’re out in fantasy land now. I have no idea what my body looks like at this weight or at 14 stone. I might really like it at 14st and decide to stop there, especially if I’m healthy, but this is where that amazing chart(!) known as the BMI scale says I should be.

Predicted Date: 22nd January ’19


– My BMI has reduced from 54 to 51
– My weight has reduced from 355lbs to 336lbs
– My measurements have decreased all over by about ½ an inch each.


It’s only been 3 weeks, but so far I’m averaging a weekly loss of 6½lbs for a monthly average of 28lbs.

You could argue that what I’m doing is very much the same, and I would agree, but I see myself as being in a very desperate situation, but I also know full well that this isn’t long term, and I am already thinking of ways that I will be changing my life moving forward after this plan ends. which is the best route for me. That said, this plan has taught me a lot already in 3 short weeks. I would often eat out of boredom or out of habit. Most nights I would go and sit with Mum and watch CNN – this would equal a drink and some toast, or a sandwich or something more. In recent months I had been waking in the middle of the night to go the bathroom and found myself in the kitchen, getting something to eat. There is no rhyme or reason there. As I type this I can feel the slight groan in my stomach that tells me I’m hungry – and I should be. I had my last meal almost 12 hours ago, but I am not in a fevered rush to eat something, I know now it is not going to hurt me to take my time, nothing bad will happen. A lesser feeling would have meant feeling “starving” before and should be fixed immediately and plentifully.

This is why I am already considering extending this plan from 6 weeks to 12. Not only to hopefully extend the wonderful weight loss results, although I’d be lying if I said those weren’t my biggest motivator, but to learn new lessons around food and my relationship with it and to reaffirm these new ones I have learnt. I have also notices that given the very simple preperation instructions with these meals I am eating 4 square meals a day, evenly spaced out and fully nutrious. Even though I am obese, previous I would only eat one proper meal a day and more often than not my Mum cooked it for me and the rest of my diet was made up of crap. This was partly due to medical reasons not being able to be in the kitchen for prolonged periods to prep meals, but laziness to, but it is a consideration I will have to have when I am looking for a plan moving forward. Maybe something where I can do batch cooking and meal prep one day a week when my Mum can help me.

Anyway this has been a long post so I’ll leave it here, as always you can find me on Instagram, Twitter and My Fitness Pal

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