Day 29 – Riding the Heatwave (Weigh In #4)

First things first. Weigh in number 4 and it’s 4lbs off (I ignore the ¼s and ½s and ¾s, I just want to deal in whole numbers, call me a cheater if you want, I think of it as staying positive and consistent!)

It’s funny to think that 5 weeks ago I was around 25 and a half stone and now I’ve moved down 2 stone brackets. That’s so awesome.

I’ve increased my calories this week, all the way up to almost 1000kcals a day so I’m happy with 4lbs. Of course I’d like to be hitting my 7lbs target, but 4lbs is great.

It’s also time for a measurement check in which I’ll be sure to do in the week and keep you all updated.

In other news, I have an appointment through to see my consultant oncologist on August 3rd so I’ve got another 10 days or so to lose as much as possible and then see how long I’ve got before a surgery date.

I think I will continue the plan right up until I go into hospital to give myself the best damn chance.

My BMI has come down from 55 to 50.5 which is great. It had been my personal target to get to 49 before my operation, but now, I’ve just want to get it as low as possible.

In other news, I’m having a checkup with the mental health team Wednesday. What with everything that’s happened I felt like so impartial advice was needed, just a bit of an M.O.T. To get some tools to help me cope with everything that’s going to happen.

Lastly, I’m done with this heatwave. I’m not wishing for storms, but if we could turn it down a bit and inject some cool winds if be all for it! It makes me retain water, it makes me sweaty and grumpy and headachey and miserable and I’m just done!!

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Until next time friends!

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