Week Two

July 2nd – 8th

Monday – 823 kcal

Breakfast: Porridge (147kcal)
Lunch: Pasta Carbonara (169kcal)
Tea: Cheeky Chicken Curry Noodles (171kcal)
Supper: Caramel Shake (131kcal)
Snack: Chocolate Wafer (205kcal)

Tuesday – 881kcal

Breakfast: Porridge (146kcal)
Lunch: Pasta Carbonara (169kcal)
Tea: Chicken Soup (135kcal)
Supper: Sweet & Sour Chicken (183kcal) + Fresh Broccolli (39kcal)
Snack: Chocolate Wafer (205kcal) + Diet Coke (1kcal) + Coke Zero (2kcal)

Wednesday – 872kcal

Breakfast: Lemon Meal Bar (130kcal)
Lunch: Pasta Carbonara (169kcal)
Tea: Chicken with Tarragon (231kcal)
Supper: Hazelnut Shake (130kcal)
Snack: Vanilla Wafer (212 kcal)

Thursday – 970kcal

Breakfast: Porridge (147kcal)
Lunch: Chicken & Veg Noodles (169kcal)
Tea: Chicken and Creamed Spinach (231kcal) + Garden Peas (76kcals)
Supper: Mint Choc Shake (142kcal)
Snack: Chocolate Wafer (205kcal)

Friday – 590kcal

Lunch: Chicken Soup (135kcal)
Tea: Pasta Carbonara (169kcal)
Supper: Chicken and Mushroom with Rice (286kcal)

Saturday – 923kcal

Breakfast: Chocolate Porridge (146kcal)
Lunch: Strawberry Shake (132kcal)
Tea: Vegetable Soup (136kcal)
Supper: Beef Medallions and Vegs (237kcal) + Broccolli (60kcal)
Snack: Vanilla Wafer (212 kcal)

Sunday- I kinda forgot to write down Sunday!