That Fat Plan

What I’m Doing

I’m on a mission to lose weight, improve my health and change my life.

This is no quick fix or easy diet. I’m not looking to shift a stone before going on holiday or drop a dress size for my wedding. I’m looking to half my body weight. This is going to be a complete overhaul to my lifestyle and way of eating.

Here’s The Plan

Each day for the next 6 weeks I will consume 4 Shake That Weight Total Food Replacement products: 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for tea and 1 somewhere else (maybe mid-morning, maybe in the afternoon, maybe at night – you get the idea) and if I’m still hungry an extra STW snack. In total, I won’t be eating more than 800kcals each day.

On top of that, I will be drinking at least 2 litres of water to keep myself hydrated and help my kidneys process the amount of protein I’ll be consuming.

I don’t expect this to be easy. I think I’ll be hungry, I think I’ll be bored, I think I’m going to be horrible to live with! But I’m okay with that and more than that, I’m expecting that.

I’ve no idea how much I am going to lose, but hopefully, it’ll be at least 3 stone – 7lbs a week.

I’m in no way sponsored or endorsed by Shake That Weight – I paid for all my own meals and products – all views expressed are my own