**Under Construction**

In a journal entry I decided to dedicate a page to my targets and goals. On this page I’m going to explain in a bit more details why which one is important to me (where appropriate) and also how I’m going to achieve it. It’s all well and good having a goal, but if you don’t have a plan to get there it’s just a dream!

Short-Term Goals

1. Get 1 Stone Award
Slimming World celebrates each half stone (7lbs/3kg) milestone with an award, they give you a certificate and an award sticker – which most people stick on their Slimming World Passport. That’s the book that both explains all about the plan, but at the back is where we keep track of our weight.
2. Weigh under 23 stone – ASAP
3. Get 1½ Stone Award
As explained above in my 1 stone award target.
4. Get 2 Stone Award
Again as explained above in my 1 stone award target.

Mid-Term Goals

1. Weigh 299lbs (21st 5lbs) or less
This is lowest I’ve ever been that I can remember other than on the way up. I reached 299lbs in 2010 when I doing Slimming World with a good friend. It seems something subconsciously freaked out and I just kept gaining weight until I finally left. That isn’t going to happen this time.
2. Weight Under 20 stone (280lbs)
Get under the giant 2-0 once and for all. I can’t remember a time I haven’t been 20-something.
3. Introduce more exercise (doctors permission permitting)
It wasn’t until I got to here, writing this list I thought that I keep telling myself it’s not about the numbers, and here I am, setting myself 6 goals that are all numbers related. So next doctors appointment I’ll be asking about increasing my exercise regime, what will help, what won’t etc.
4. Believe in myself
Oddly enough this can be the hardest at times. I have fleeting moments of real believe, I’m a rock star and no-one can stop me – I’m on a roll, but these are fleeting. The rest of the time I’m an idiot whose made countless mistakes, and now I’m trying to do the impossible, physically and mentally. I try and stay out of my head too much because once the wheels start turning they tend not to stop. Instead I analyse and I consider and I moan and I rant and if it works I’m pleased and if it doesn’t I try something else to analyse and consider and moan and rant about… This is getting slightly off topic. The point is, I’m working hard to believe in myself above all else, because when everything else falls, what have you got left?

Percentage Loss Goals

Pound Milestones