Day 43: One Journey Ends… (Weigh Update #6)

Sadly, this isn’t a happy end to my Shake That Weight Journey. I have been weighed at the hospital today. I have 3 sets of scales in the house and the hospital weight is the same as the scales in my bedroom. On the plus side I know those ones are accurate.

So, the big question – whats my total loss in 6 weeks? 1st 2lbs (16lbs; 7.25kg). That’s not bad, not bad at all. Why am I upset?

1. I could have lost more doing Slimming World but then I’m not sure I would have had the discipline or come to the same mental break throughs so I suppose in that sense it’s been worth it.

But #2 the biggest thing I’m upset with is I’ve gained weight. Now that I know those scales are accurate they had me as 23 odd a fortnight ago so how the hell am I gaining weight eating 800 calories a day?! I’m not gaining muscle that fast!

I know what you’re thinking, I must be lying, I slipped up once, I must had done it before, but I didn’t. I feel so cheated. For the first time in my life I have finished what I started and yet I didn’t get out what I put in to it. I tried so fucking hard for 6 solid weeks, only ever eating what I was supposed to, only having one tiny blip and to not only miss my target by 2/3’s but to gain weight?! Fuck. I mean just fuck.

Every instinct is telling me to binge. And maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll get McDonalds. But this plan is done, real life is still here and the new challenge has just begun.

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