Day 41: Closing Thoughts

It’s day 41 with only 1 day left time has flown by and I’ve nearly completed the 6 week plan. Don’t worry this fat girl isn’t going anywhere neither is That Fat Girl’s Blog. Not only have I still got a lot of weight to lose, but regardless of how many people have read this blog, it’s been really helpful to have somewhere to write down all my thoughts and feelings.

With that in mind, I have a confession (again). For the last 6 weeks I have managed to stick to this plan faithfully and religiously and sadly I’ve just not been getting the results I had wanted. That mixed with the reaction I got at the hospital yesterday (more on that in a minute), I finally cracked yesterday.

Before I started the plan I had purchased a “letterbox chocolate hamper” that arrived early in week one and has spent the whole time in my fridge. Alas, last night I finally cracked and ate a bar of chocolate and a flapjack from it. The positives to take away are that I could have easily eaten the entire thing and then gone and eaten the things from the freezer I’ve been saving, plus more! But I stopped myself. This helps me reaffirm that I have made positive changes in my mind when it comes to my emotional, habitual and boredom eating.

The second positive thing to take away is that today I am straight back on it. All my life I have never finished what I started, been easy to quit, made excuses, found the easy way out and bailed. But this is going to be my turning point. This isn’t about doing things perfectly, this is about finishing and I am so fucking close.

I am going to tweak it slightly because time is just so, so short but not anything major. I’m just going to have 5 products as recommended by STW if your BMI is over 40 and make all my products with milk that need it. Why? In the 4 days since I last weighed and had that devastating news with the scales, I had lost a grand total of ¾ of a pound. In the 24 hours since I had my blip? 2lbs off. I know it could be fluid, it could be this heat, it could be to do with TOTM, it could be lots of things, but I think it’s worth considering.

So my plan moving forward is to have around 1200 hundred calories a day, but more about my plans on this on another post once I’ve got my final weigh in.

Now for the medical stuff. I’m having my surgery on August 23rd. It’s a full hysterectomy. They are taking the uterus, cervix, tubes, ovaries, the whole lot. It looks like I’m going to be in at least overnight and then it will take 6 weeks to fully heal.


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