Day 35: Rethinking Things

Two blog posts in one day, I have got a lot on my mind!

I’ll confess after last nights little wobble two things happened, 1. I was able to fight by binge demons by watching some TV and then going to sleep (hurrah to fighting those cravings not slipping up this late in the game!).

However the second thing I did was weigh early. Not such a helpful thing to do. I have noticed with this diet plan, and it was mentioned by someone else on the STW Facebook Group, that you literally lose in chunks overnight. You can weight everyday (although neither I nor the professionals recommend this for a whole range of reasons) and you’d expect your weight to be trickling down all week but it doesn’t, it’s maintain, maintain, maintain, little gain, maintain and then suddenly big loss! I’m not experienced enough to know why that is. It could have something to do with the fact that is is a Very Low Calorie Diet, I really don’t know. Pop your theory in the comments.

Anyway my weighing revealed I had either stayed the same or lost 2lbs depending where I stood in the bathroom. I’ll wait until Monday for the real results, but if I’m honest I’m not 100% surprised. I’ve been sneaking more and more fruit into my diet this last week. Having 80-100g of raspberries with my porridge, having 200g of strawberries after my dinner, blending a couple of frozen strawberries with my shake to make a smoothie. And while calorifically it hasn’t harmed I know there is a lot of natural sugar in that many berries. I’ve still been under my 100g carb goal each day (I’m not aiming for full a ketogentic diet) so we will have to see.

Either way I’ve reread the plan booklet and I want to finish strong so for the last week I am going to be eating the same way everyday for the last 7 days:

Breakfast: Porridge or Shake
Lunch: Soup
Dinner: Noodles with extra Veg
Extra Meal: Shake (either mid- afternoon or after dinner)

I’m also going to see if I can stop the snacks. The last few days I’ve only been eating them out of habit. Possibly because I’ve had the extra fruit so we’ll see.

I really wanted to lose 3 stone in 6 weeks, but that’s not going to be possible now, but I really think 2, maybe even 2½ might be.

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