Day 13: Feeling Disheartened

I knew it would come, the day when my motivation really started to stall and I would crack. Yesterday was very nearly that day. However, I can still say with complete honesty I have stuck to this plan religiously.

I checked my weight and it’s not going as well as last week, if this rate continues I will have only lost 3lbs this week, less than half of my target. I’ve lost more doing Slimming World.

I’m not having great pains sticking to this plan, I haven’t have any major challenges yet, Mum took me to Costa and bought me a bottle of water a couple of times I’ve had all my meals and snacks for the day and been hungry and been so tempted to have another snack, but I’ve reminded myself what I’m doing this for and walked away, drinking water instead or trying to distract myself.

I’ve had less calories this week, last week it was nearer the 1000 calorie mark as I had milk in my porridge and this week I’ve been trying to stay around the 800 calorie mark and I wonder if that has been what has been counterproductive. The plan did say if you have a BMI over 40 to have 5 meals a day so perhaps next week that is what I should do. Start having milk in my porridge and shakes and have 5 meals a day and see if that improves my losses. My only concern is that I am now ⅓ of the way through this plan and time is running out for me to make a big dent in my weight loss and I don’t really have a lot of time to be faffing around experimenting with calorie intake.

It is worth pointing out that I do realise you do tend to have an increased weight loss during your first week of a diet plan, and things may not be coming off as quickly this week as I have been bleeding quite heavily all week and retaining a lot of water so I need to take these things in to account.

It’s weigh in on Monday so we’ll see how much things have really effected me and I’ll make a decision then and report back.

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