Day 07: Week One is Almost Complete

Sunday is here and that means I’ve almost completed week one! I’m really proud of myself for being able to stick to this plan 100% for 7 solid days.

As the days have gone on it has got easier, I’ve noticed I’ve not been as hungry and my cravings have, on the whole, been pretty tame. I did have a can of Pepsi Max on Friday as a treat and I was surprised how sweet I found it. It wasn’t my ability to taste sweetness easily that surprised me, it was that it has happened so quickly.

In other good news that has happened quickly, it looks like I am in ketosis. Finally burning off all those fat stores rather that using the huge amounts of carbs and sugar I used to fuel my body with.

My official weigh in is tomorrow but it’s looking really good for my 7lbs target. I know you tend to have a good week one loss, usually due to losing water, but I’m hoping I can lose at least 7lbs a week for the next 6 or 12 weeks if I can manage it.

It’s early days but, I’m not really missing anything in particular, the only thing I have been thinking about is fresh salmon, so later down the road I may have a self prepared meal (as per the Shake That Weight plan). My only other concern is that my food choices are rather limited, while I have 8 different shake flavours there are only about 5 other meals apart from the actual ready meals, but they are very expensive, 3 for £11.25. So while I’m doing okay now, mixing and rotating my meals might become tiresome soon.

As always you can follow my diet daily on My Fitness Pal, and see what I’m eating on Instagram and hear what I think on Twitter.

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