It’s hard to give up smoking. Or so I’m told, fortunately for me I was already in so much pain with shingles, and losing my sight a little nicotine withdrawl was a walk in the park!

I was extremely lucky in a way. I was so ill I couldn’t bring myself to smoke and when I was finally well enough I didn’t want to! It wasn’t all dumb luck though, there was a bit of effort on my side. I had to make the decision whether I was walking out that hospital a non-smoker, or, more likely, a smoker who took a break. l reached into my pocket and pulled out a cigarette (on the way in I most definitely a smoker) and took a second whether or not to light it. “I’ll wait ’til I get home” I thought. If I’m going to still be a smoker I at least want to brag about the length of time I managed to stay ‘clean’ for. First a day passed, then a week, suddenly it’s June, my birthday and I’m asking for no cigarettes or such for presents.

It was all OK as long as 2 things stayed the same, 1 I had my e-cigarette (more on that in a sec) and 2, I still had a pack of cigs left at home – I’d given away the rest. As long as there was at least 1 cigarette in the house that I knew was there for me in case I snapped… That was all I needed.

That’s not entirely true, even though all the nicotine was surely gone from system, the ritual was still inside me, so I bought an e-cigarette* that had nicotine tips. I’m right back where I started I thought. It wasn’t going to be too hard, “I’m not working and not seeing friends often, and the ones I do see don’t smoke” I kept thinking. I fought on and just used the e-cig and quickly swapped to the nicotine free cartridges, my brain didn’t seem to notice and before long I had stopped bothering with even that.

Now I can say I’m a non-smoker. With no cigarettes in the house, or e-cigarettes. I do miss it, it’s odd. A cool menthol cigarette on a fresh winter morning, a warm ciggy and coffee first thing, but I know I’m better off for it, and I know I’m extremely lucky to have been able to quit the way I did so I owe it to my fellow ex-smokers to stay smoke free.

I was lucky, not many people give up on their first try or even want to give up, please have a look at the sites below if you smoke – just something to think about:

NHS Choices



*Since my time of quitting (April/May 2013) a lot has been said of these e-cigarettes health-wise so do your own research, all I can say is it worked for me, using the nicotine free tips for a short period of time.