Beyond Weight Loss

Like everyone else I’m a whole person, weight loss is just one part of my life – it just happens to big part of my life. I set up a simple blog to write down my thoughts and feelings as I tried really hard to lose weight for the umpteenth and hopefully final try. Being hospitalised freaked me out and I knew it had to be different this time, but I also knew my weight wasn’t the only problem. So I decided that if I was really going to change I needed to face the other things in my life that cause me pain or trouble or need improvement and make that declaration public just like I had done with my weight. So now when I receive encouragement and support it’s not just for my weight loss efforts it’s also for fighting my demons in mental health, disability, smoking and positive change. And beyond that, I’ve set up a online support group for anyone who needs a little help in any of those areas – or any others in the spirit of self-improvement. I can’t promise to have all the answer but I can promise a place of zero judgement, a place to speak your mind and a place of support.